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 January 4th 2016
     Radio Project Update
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There are many different parts to solving this puzzle and making the system work efficiently and effectively.  Some of these areas consist of being able to acquire the frequencies in the most cost effective way and still be able to maintain an affordable option for the first res-ponders in the county.  Another issue is the location of new tower sites to allow for increased coverage area.  Mission Critical has successfully managed the project up to its current state including finding the few different options that we are limited to in this situation.

They also successfully submitted a waiver claim to the FCC to allow Northumberland County to extend the timeline to finish this project to the end of 2013.  We are currently in the process of making a decision as to the frequency range that we are planning to pursue.  Once this decision is made we can move forward to the next step in the process.


A decision has been made, to the direction in which we are going to proceed with the procurement process for this project.  This decision will be announced shortly.  

The Northumberland County commissioners have decided to put the project out for bid.  The bidding will consist of two parts.  The first part of the bid will be for the Project itself excluding tower site acquisition.  Included in the first part of the bid must be an option show the difference in price to exclude the northern tier of the county.
The second part of the bid will consist of the subscriber equipment.  This will include pagers, portable and mobile radios.

RFP's for the for the radio project are now available to download.

Pre-proposal conference.  Bids will be accepted until May 20th, 2013, this is a 2-week extension.

The bidding process is now open.

The bidding Process closed at 1:00 pm eastern time and there was a public open of bids as 1:30 pm EST.

All submitted bids were accepted by the County Commissioners at the public meeting.  The county will now review the bids to determine what services will suit the 911 center the best.

There was a briefing today with the County Commissioners, Mission Critical Partners and the Department of Public Safety to Discuss the findings of the Proposals and make a tentative discussion on the details of what the key points to focus on are with each submission. 

Today there has been a special public Meeting to award the contract to Motorola Solutions for the Project Infrastructure and the field provider equipment. Mission Critical Partners elaborated on the details of the contract deliverables and held a brief question and answer session for public and media during the meeting.


 7/31/2013 NEW!
There were two meeting held today at the Department of Public Safety.  The first meeting was for the Police and EMS Personnel.  The second was for Fire Personnel.  Both meetings were conducted by Mission Critical Partners.  The presented the overview of the entire project from Strat to Finish.  Including the various details in the downloadable document on the related documents page.  They also had very extensive discussions about frequencies, equipment, funding and more.  Both meeting functioned very well and set the precedence for open communication and input from all disciplines involved.



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