Radio Update

Northumberland County Radio Project Update

The County radio project has seen more than its share of challenges in the past 3+ years. These challenges have primarily revolved around site selection and development. Several of the towers identified as part of the original system design have not been modified for many years. Recently, the national standards for tower loading have been revised to be much more stringent. The tightening of these standards resulted in significant tower modification costs in order to install the new equipment on the towers in the system design. In order to mitigate these costs to the extent possible, exhaustive efforts were undertaken to find alternate sites. Complicating this process was the fact that some of the sites involved were owned by Verizon Wireless and AT&T, and those companies sold all of their towers to American Tower and Crown Castle, respectively, in 2014 and early 2015. These transactions caused many months of delays while they were finalized, and then engagement with the new owner was established. The end result was that all sites for the new system were not finalized until the fall of 2015.

Now that all sites have been selected and finalized, the project is progressing. A design review was held with Motorola in mid-December of 2015 to finalize the system design, and discuss the plan moving forward for equipment installation and acceptance testing. The following sites are completed and Motorola has begun the process of installing equipment at them: 911 Center, Trevorton, Boyer’s Knob, Lewis 4, and Snyder 03. The following sites have been undergoing tower modifications and are scheduled to be complete and ready for equipment installation within the next two to three weeks: Stonington SBA and Herndon Crown Castle. The Montour Ridge site is a new tower which is being built by a private individual with an agreement already in place for county use. The site is scheduled for completion in March of 2016. The last site, Pillow- Crown Castle is scheduled for tower modifications which should be completed in the next two to three months.

The project is on track for completion and cutover in July of 2016.

As further updates become available they will be posted accordingly.

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